Learn to Swim - Survival Swimming

Our priority is to ensure every swimmer learns to swim in a safe, happy environment which in turn aids the development of each individual. The swim factory also aims to produce swimmers with good technique.


To achieve this goal we have a clear program upon which to build and develop skills to aid progression.


Emphasis is placed on body position, kicking action, arm pull, breathing and timing to enable propulsion through the water.


With gentle encouragement, new skills are learned and confidence built. Developing swimming skills takes time, patience and perseverance-the results will come.


We take seriously our responsibilities and thoroughly investigate new procedures and techniques on an ongoing basis and incorporate the best into our centre. All instructors are fully accredited with AustSwim.


Duration: 30 minutes


FREE trial available


Qualified and Experienced Instructors

Peter McMahon’s Swim Factory is certified by Swim Australia.


This recognises that the Swim Factory has met the industry standards as determined by the Australian Swimming Coaches & Teachers Association Inc. for the teaching of swimming and water safety.

Swim Australia is endorsed by Active Australia, Royal Life Saving Society, Australian Swimming Inc., AUSTSWIM and AUSSI Masters Swimming.

Swim Levels

(max 3 per class)

Water Confidence | Buoyancy

The aim of this level is to create water confidence with fun. A lot of understanding and patience is needed at this level and we ask for parents to be positive towards all aspects of what we are trying to deal with.

(max 4 per class)

Breathing | Big Arms | Freestyle | Backstroke

Introduce the pupil to the elementary actions of freestyle and backstroke kick. Introduction to water safety skills. This level is a challenge to the swimmer and the teacher because they are trying so hard to remember everything.

(max 4 per class)

Co-ordinating Freestyle & Backstroke Skills

The level to co-ordinate kicking, breathing and the arm movement. With the younger age groups patience and understanding is needed due to their undeveloped motor skills but with persistence the child can be given a “good” habit in a very repetitive process.

(max 4 per class)

Independent Freestyle & Backstroke | Butterfly Arms

This level is to gain more independence. Kicking correctly at this level is an important step. Independent backstroke is developed and butterfly arms are now introduced.

(max 6 per class)

Improving Stroke Action

The pupils are to become independent of the teacher with an emphasis on continual action. This is a time for stroke action to be improved the streamlining to be refined and the development of mental attitude that is expected at this level.

(max 6 per class)

Quality Stroke and Kick Action | Breaststroke

The pupils use the full length of the pool. They should be able to swim 20 meters freestyle catch-up and backstroke without stopping and elementary butterfly. In this level the catch-up drill is to be eliminated as the main form of swimming.

(max 6 per class)

Lap Swimming in All Four Strokes | Dives | Turns

Drills on all 4 strokes are now given to challenge the swimmer to combine a different kick with another arm action. Endurance is now building up and correction of all strokes is important.

(max 6 per class)

Multi Lap Swimming

Multi lap swimming is achieved in all strokes. Turns are refined on all strokes while the pupil is able to achieve increasingly more challenging drills and tasks within the program. Individual medley is completed with correct turns while the focus remains on enjoyment, safety and preparation for the next level.

Parent Information - Learn To Swim & Squad
(3 years +)
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