Infant Aquatic Program

At The Swim Factory we welcome infants from just 3 months of age. 


Our dedicated infant program provides a structured introduction to the aquatic environment where water awareness and safety is developed through stimulation, movement and song.


Did you know that your baby can exercise more muscles in water where they are less restricted by gravity and their ability to sit or stand?


We help them discover the freedom and joy of movement through water!


In addition to the physical benefits of co-ordination and balance, babies benefit from the social and engaging environment and will love our vibrant and colourful toys and teaching tools.


Class Duration: 30 minutes (Except Baby Splash)


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Parent In-Water Participation

All of our infant aquatic classes are designed for parent and child in-water participation. We ask that the accompanying parent/guardian wear a t-shirt during the lesson.


(8 per class)

3 months – 5 months

Baby Splash allows infants to acclimatise to water and learn new skills while bonding with their parent.

Duration: 20 minutes


(6 per class)

6 months – 12 months

Using the natural grasp reflex at this age our aim is to teach children to pull up independently on an adults t-shirt, fingers or side of the pool for safety. Breath control and various drills are also introduced.

(6 per class)

13 months – 20 months

The lesson is incorporating positive reinforcement with aspects of further independence for each swimmer. Circuits are introduced in these lessons enabling stimulation, movement and laughter within the aquatic lesson. Repetition is the key element to acquiring new skills.

(6 per class)

21 months – 30 months

Breath control is developed using submersions while reinforcing cues for safety. A repetitive kicking action and learning to roll and float on their backs demonstrates gained independence. These infants are learning to be happy, confident little swimmers.

Swimming Tips for Parents

  1. Remember to wear a t-shirt to your lesson.
  2. Where possible, please refrain from feeding your child during the hour prior to their lesson time.
  3. Talk to your teacher prior to the lesson if you have any questions or concerns. Our reception staff are also more than happy to assist you with all enquiries.