Swimming Lessons

Swimming is an Asset for LIFE!


The Swim Factory promotes swimming for lifelong health and aims to make learning to swim a positive and enjoyable experience.


Our learn to swim programs are focused on swimming safety and the promotion of correct technique. Students develop social skills, self confidence and experience a sense of achievement while enjoying aquatic activities. 


Our program is designed to cater for all ages 3 months - adult.

Swimming Lessons for All Ages - Infants to Adults

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3 Months to 2.5 Years


2.5 Years - 3.5 Years


3.5 Years and Older


Have a Question? Ask the Deck Supervisor

If you have a question relating to your child’s swimming lessons there is always someone on hand who can help.


We know it’s difficult to speak to an instructor during or in between lessons. There never seems to be enough time. Due to this there is always a Deck Supervisor on hand to answer any questions relating to your child and their swimming lessons.


(photo: Deck Supervisors Shirley and Tony on duty at the Swim Factory)


If you have any questions relating to how your child is progressing, information about our syllabus, class availability or anything else relating to lessons, please speak to the Deck Supervisor who will be happy to help.