Preparing for Your Child's First Swimming Lesson

So it’s your child’s first lesson and you don’t know how to prepare yourself. That’s okay because we have come up with some easy tips on making your child’s transition into swimming lessons that little bit easier.



Familiar with Water Before the First Lesson:

First of all make sure your child is familiar with being in the water. Prior to their swimming lesson take them to the beach, a pool or even the lagoon if they have never been swimming before. You want them to enjoy themselves and let them realise how fun being in the water is (especially on those hot summer days). Once they have fun in the water talk to them about learning how to swim and why it’s important to learn.


Arrive Early:

Come in 15 minutes before their class is scheduled. Make sure your child is settled and aware they will be having their swimming lesson. Our friendly staff will show you around and walk you to their class. Also have your child dress in their togs ready to swim, this will make it a little easier for you.


What to Bring:

Remember to bring a towel! Also feel free to bring along goggles (if they own some), a swimming cap (if they own one), a change of clothes and water to keep them hydrated. If your child isn’t toilet trained please make sure they are wearing an appropriate swim nappy.


Use Toys:

Bring a toy. If they are a little worried about swimming, bring a toy from home to help comfort them. With a new atmosphere and new people surrounding, a toy will help settle them. This also creates a great subject for their instructor to talk about and can interact with them.


Talk to the Instructor:

Introduce yourself and your child to their instructor. Make sure the instructor is aware it’s their first lesson and inform them of any concerns you might have. If your child has any medical issues that are relevant for the instructor to know please inform them.


Watch Your Child Swim:

Your child will thrive on learning new things and will look to you for encouragement. Make sure you’re watching and give them the thumbs up or high five them when they have done something great. This will really encourage them and they will try hard to learn new skills.


Our Baby Classes:

Our baby classes are slightly different and require a little more attention. Please make sure your baby avoids eating at least an hour before their lesson. Also the parent hopping in the pool with them will need to wear a t-shirt as your child will start to learn how to grasp on. Your child is required to wear a swim nappy if they aren’t toilet trained. Disposable swim nappies can be purchased at your local supermarket, or an alternative you could purchase a reusable swim nappy. 



Hopefully these tips will help you prepare yourself and child for their first swimming lesson. If you ever have any questions please feel free to ask our friendly staff. We look forward to seeing you at your next swimming lesson!