Family Enrolment Information

Included Family Benefits


Booking Procedure & Direct Debit


All payments are made via direct debit which is payable on the first week of each Lesson Block. There are twelve payment dates per annum with 4 weeks in each Lesson Block.

Please see the Payment Calendar for further details.


New students joining during any month will be required to make a small gap payment to align with the next billing date. Following this, all payments will be made via direct debit.


Any person wishing to cancel their direct debit must complete a direct debit cancellation form and lodge with reception a minimum of two weeks prior to the next payment date.


Please note there is a penalty charge for any dishonoured direct debit payments.


Outstanding payments not received by the start of the next Block will incur a $10 surcharge.


Make-up Lessons


Please inform the Swim Factory staff at your earliest opportunity in the unfortunate event that your child is unable to attend a lesson. Informing us will entitle the swimmer to a “make-up” lesson.


The following rules will apply for cancellation:

  • Makes-ups must be taken within 6 weeks of the missed lesson.
  • Makes-up lessons cannot be used as credit towards future lessons.
  • Make-up times are subject to availability. We regret the same teacher cannot be guaranteed.
  • Failure to notify the Swim Factory of an absence prior to the start of a lesson will result in forfeiture of the make-up lesson.
  • Unfortunately, make-up lessons cannot be booked with any fees outstanding.

Payment Calendar


View our Payment Calendar for payment dates and lesson fees for each Block.

Springfield Central


Second Lesson Only $11


Boost your child’s swimming skills, development and fitness by enrolling in a second weekly lesson for just $11.


This special rate is available to students who enrol in more than one lesson per week on a ongoing basis. This rate is applied to the second (and subsequent) lesson/s. 


If you are interested in booking additional lessons or would like further information, please visit the reception or call:


Springfield Central - (07) 3470 0556

Ipswich - (07) 3812 2923