Message from Peter McMahon

My passion for swimming began when I was a child and the passion has not diminished to this day. I am proud to have won gold at the open water 3k World Championship in 2011 (65 – 70 year age group). I continue to swim regularly and won gold in the board rescue 2014 surf world titles. I also receive great pleasure in teaching children to swim and improving their ability in the water hence beginning the Swim Factory over twenty years ago.


Since its inception we (my staff and I) have never looked back. We can honestly say we are pleased and proud of what we have accomplished and of the wonderful staff we have. The satisfaction of teaching children to swim is a tremendous feeling and it is not only the knowledge we are teaching physical skills and safety but hope we are also implanting life skills such as values and fitness. I hope the parents at the Swim Factory realise that they are playing their part and implanting these important life lessons to their children and grandchildren.


Children learn by copying their parents' behaviours. I often notice our babies copying the moves their parents make with songs and it reminds me how much they are learning from us just by watching and mimicking our movements. They learn at a very early age.

I feel extremely proud when I see our past swimmers achieving great things whether it is in or out of the pool. For example, Leah Neale medalled in this year’s Pan Pacific Jnr Championships in the United States. Who will be next?


The Swim Factory is spreading its wings and has a purpose built indoor facility at Orion Springfield Central. We look forward to teaching many more children this valuable lifelong skill.


Peter McMahon